Handmade scented candles & wax melts.


Amelander candles is a product made by hand. We only work with soy wax.

Why soy candles?

 Soya candles are made from soya beans,
a naturally biodegradable and renewable source.

Longer burning time.

Soy candles burn 30% to 45% longer compared to paraffin candles.
Special pots and old crockery sets.
We make candles in special pots such as old service sets or other pots, even if you have a nice pot we can refill it with soy wax and a fragrance after your choice.


 Burn this candle in your living room: sleep or bathroom to create an special atmosphere.
Let the candle burn for the first time for at least 2 hours, so that the top layer can melt for optimal uniform burning of the entire candle.

 shipping costs.

 For orders up to 100, - euro the shipping costs are € 12,00.

 For orders from 100, - euro, there are no shipping cost
Amelander Candle's
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